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We plan and simplify your business relocation. Relocate with us!
When the conditions of business and life
are easy.
With relocate Dubai you can focus again on your entrepreneurship as well as your life. Forget about administrative work, bureaucracy, tax offices, taxes*, crime, unreliable employees and bad weather.
Through Power-Of-Attorney
we handle your relocation to Dubai in each imaginable aspect with full transparency.
Through Power-Of-Attorney
we handle your relocation to Dubai in each imaginable aspect with full transparency.
Our Mission For You
No Administrative Work
Our business relocation experts support
your move every step of the way.

We take care of all required steps to have your business registered legally with minimal work on your end.

visa processing to providing you with accommodation. Our team of experts will provide a fast relocation and settlement for
We take over all administrative work, from you, your family and your employees.
Big Tax Advantage
One of the main reasons that so many companies and entrepreneurs relocate their businesses to the fast growing City of Dubai is the big tax advantage.

Dubai became a very attractive place to work and very favorable for employees and employers during the past years and is still massively growing.

New markets are opening and a constant influx of new residents from all imaginable countries relocate to Dubai. The government strongly supports entrepreneurs and motivates them to become an integral part of the economy.
At Relocate Dubai, we still know how difficult it can be to relocate your business overseas, so we were established to provide the necessary care and support in order to make your life more convenient. Let our professional relocation team provide you with the fast and successful settlement you deserve.

Growing &
Diverse Economy
Of Life
Tax Free
Business Hub
What We Do
 We take away the stress of relocating – it‘s as simple as that!
As your personal Dubai relocation agent, we will cover everything from visa application to finding accommodation that suit your needs.
We set your business up, allowing you to make the move and get right to business with no delays. We cover corporate, private and exclusive relocation services, making us the go-to relocation service provider.
Relocating and setting up a new business, an existing business or simplifying property transactions for property investors will be covered from us.
From The Comfort Of Your Home
Our service begins right after our first conversation. We handle everything this end, meaning you don't have to leave the comfort
of your own home.

We can apply for all legal formalities and take control to make the move as convenient as possible for you.

How Do We Start?
To begin with, our Relocate Dubai-Team will customize a personalized package according your needs.

Whether you're setting up a business or relocating an existing one, we will start by selecting your legal entity, the right business license and then -if necessary- a suitable facility for your company.

No Headache With Licenses
Then we will select the right kind of license you need in order to do business in Dubai.
We categorize all available licenses in three main categories: commercial, professional or industrial license.

Determining the right location for your company follows right away.vA sole ownership of your company requires you to set up your company in a Free Zone where each one differentiates in the specific activities of your business. According to your needs, we will choose a well-fitting office space.

Property Purchase/ Sale
We offer a full range of high performing services in the real estate market in Dubai. If you are looking to purchase or sell a property in the real estate market or obtaining a property investment visa, Relocate Dubai will help you with the transaction process to give you the best imaginable outcome.

We are aware of the fact that the majority may not reside in the UAE but still want to participate in the real estate market. A lot may have constraints for attending the formalities too.

This is where we take care of you
We will obtain the Power of Attorney (POA) for you- a legal document that allows us the get participate in the real estate market of Dubai.
With full transparency, we are able to represent you as a property investor in the market.
Therefore, you won't necessarily need to leave your country in order to get started with your sale/ purchase.

Through the POA you will immediately safe time, money and a lot of administrative work.

Relocate Dubai will handle each and every step with the greatest of care so you can focus on other business priorities. Our Relocation service is more than happy to take over and manage each part of the relocation process for you - from A to Z
Taking care of
Plan your move
around your busy schedule
Bank Account
Set up support
Visa and Emirates ID
application process
Pick and drop off service from the airport and local authorities
Set up
Providing you
with after care
Finding accommodation
to suit your needs
Frequently Asked Questions
  How long does the relocation process take?
It depends on the legal entity chosen for you business. Also the required business license and to find the right office space for you can in total take 5-12 weeks in general.
  How much does it cost to set up a Business in Dubai?
The application for required legal formalities such as the business license, translation of documents for the local authorities and the rent for the office space will largely determine your costs. In case you set up your business in so a called free zone, the office rents will more likely be lower than in a non-free-zone, for instance in a flexi-desk office. If a local sponsor is involved in your business set-up, there would be a remuneration as-well.

  Do I need any requirements for a business set up in Dubai?
Yes. A business license is a mandatory requirement for every business entity in Dubai or in any other place in the UAE.There are around 1,200 license which fall into three main groups: commercial, professional or industrial license.
We will determine the right business entity, the activity type of your company and then issue the right license which covers all services your business has to offer.

  Do I need an office space and how can I find the right and affordable one?
For each business registration, it is necessary to be able to specify an already registered office. There is a large number of different variations of offices in Dubai. Depending on your business entity you can choose between fully furnished, shared offices or short & long term office spaces. A popular option is serviced offices owned and maintained by a third party with a very high standard with everything that is needed to run the business straight away.

  What is a Free Zone?
A Free Zone also known as free trade zones or free economic/ tax zones are designed to boost international business by providing 100% foreign ownership and single window administration convenience. Free Zones are geographical confined areas where each one is associated with one industrial sector. The main idea of a Free Zone was to unite companies around certain industries in one place. Here in Dubai, there are many different free zones. Depending on your business activity, you can assign a specific Free Zone.
Also regarding to the Free Zones, Dubai has by far the most modern and widest infrastructure.

  Which benefits can be found in Free Zones?
The benefit in the Free Zone's is that foreigners can hold up to 100% ownership of the company.
Another advantage is that you are able to trade internationally at a low cost. Free Zone- companies are exempt from taxes and custom duties as well as export and import fees. A further benefit for companies is the elimination of labor restrictions which makes free zones an attractive proposition for a lot of employers.

  What kind of company can I set up?
Your company utility and your office location are inevitably related to each other. We differentiate between a so called „onshore“ and „offshore“ company. An offshore company is located within a free zone. It means you cannot conduct business in the jurisdiction (UAE) in which it is registered but only within the Free Zones itself and internationally.
The majority of foreign company set ups fall under that case.
An onshore company is located on Mainland (non-free zones). It allows the conduction of business throughout the UAE and internationally with a local person
as a shareholder.

  Do I need a local sponsor to set up a business in Dubai?

No, a local sponsor is not necessarily needed if you decide to set up your business in a free zone. A free zone authority offers business licenses to foreign-owned businesses, giving them 100% ownership to operate in that freezone. Previously mainland companies would require a local sponsor who would hold 51% of the companies shares. Recently this has been changed to allow foreign entrepreneurs to own 100% of their mainland business but have a local sponsor acting as your agent.

  What are the benefits of an multilingual speaking relocation-service like Relocate Dubai?

Finding the right service locally can save you a lot of time, money and stress. The local laws and regulations can be overwhelming for new entrepreneurs and business owners when it comes to their business set up. Having multilingual experts at your destination helps a lot within the first steps after arrival.
Based on our own experience, we know how beneficial it is for new businesses and employers to avoid the stress of bureaucracy and conditions. At Relocate Dubai, we are specialized in providing foreign investors with the most efficient and profitable ways to start a business!
Our Mission
For You
Relocate Dubai was created with the sole objective of helping new companies, families and entrepreneurs settle into the fast-pace growing city of Dubai.

Whether you want to relocate your business to Dubai or you're a high net worth individual looking to start your new life in Dubai, our specialized team secures quick settlement and delivers successful relocations every time. Relocate Dubai is the relocation agency that makes it easy for you.

Our team of dedicated consultants strive to undoubtedly meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

How It Works
Relocate Dubai will handle each and every step with the greatest of care so you can focus on other business priorities. Our Relocation service is more than happy to take over and manage each part of the relocation process for you
- from A to Z
Minimizing all administrative work before moving in
Preparing all necessary documents for you through power of attorney at government authorities
Pick and drop off service from the airport and local authorities
 Applying for the Entry Permit until we get your
visa done
Visa application and processing for yourself,
family and employees
Emirates ID
application processing
Collecting your Emirates ID from the Post Office and deliver it to you
Home finding:
Negotiating the best
Plan your move
around your busy schedule
Financial management: Assistance with payments
and rents
Bank Account
set up support
Guaranteeing you a
long-term customer service even after settling in
Let’s Get Started
We will make your relocation fast and efficient.
With a personalized relocation package upfront, we've got all areas
covered and support you on the way and even with after care.

You will get the chance to bring your business on a whole different level,
once you're part of the major international business center. Like hundreds of thousands other business relocators last year, you will be able to take advantage of the tax free advantages, be welcomed and appreciated for your entrepreneurship and business.

Let’s Get Started
Dubai is a fantastic city, the economy is booming.

To make the most of out of life in Dubai you need to ensure
that you select the optimal office location, a residential area that suits you in order to enable you the greatest success.
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